Apple Gabriel - Praise Jahoviah

Alleluja-a-a-a (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah-ah yeah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)
Alleluja-a-a-a ooh (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)

Sweet Jesus (Sweet Jesu-u-u-us)
Holy Jesus (Holy Jesu-u-u-us)
Precious Jesus, aah (Precious Jesu-u-u-s)
Sweet Jesus aah (Sweet Jesu-u-u-us)

Holy holy holy holy
Lord God Jah almighty
Wash away my sins
Cleanse me deep within

Alleluja-a-a-a (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah yeah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)
Alleluja ah-ah ah-ah (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah ooh (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)


One world one God
Where did we lost the love we had
We were one till thinking able
Now this world is so unstable

Alleluja, yes (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah yeah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)

They keep on fighting for world power
But they don't know the hour
We got to share this planet togheter
So why they fight and kill each other

Alleluja aah (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah yeah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)
Alleluja (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah, yes (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)

Sweet Jesus (Sweet Jesu-u-u-us)
Precious Jesus aah (Precious Jesu-u-u-s)

Alleluja-a, yeah (Alleluja-a-a-a)
Praise Jahoviah, yeah (Praise Jahoviah-ah-ah-ah)


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