Alton Ellis - The Message

Haha! Right now, the message
This is - the message
If the world surround you
Like the chain that bound you
Be patient, boy
You will draw (?) right
Yes, you will, be patient
Up tight, the message

No guy should sit and wait, sir
Sit and wait, sir, till his fortune goes
Through the gate, sir - no, sir

Up tight, out of sight, haha!
Hah! Right now
Do good, sir, real good, sir
Good follows, sir, real good follows

Take it easy, one stop from the top
Out of sight, sir, out of sight, sir
Up tight, sir - the message

Shake your head, one
Shake your hip, two
I can do anything, sir
I'm a rocksteady king, sir

That's it, that's it
One stop, from the top, sir
The message, this is the message
Get with it, get with it
From the top, one stop..

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