Alpha Blondy - Rasta Bourgeois

We're sick and tired of being poor
Life is worth much more than silver and gold

Live a descent life
Give my children a better life
I want them to go to school
And learn the golden rules
So they won't become nobody's fool

The sun belongs to everyone
No one stands alone
Long time I and I strive
Hanging on my pride
My dignity and my pride

Long time we have no fun
Rasta let's laugh together now ha ha ha

Rasta bourgeois
Jah wants you to smile
Poverty ain't no fashion
Poverty is not a profession
Poverty is a crime
Poverty is a social crime

Rasta bourgeois
Rasta don't cry
I wanna see you smile
Rasta dé 'pon top, Rasta never flop
Our poverty is not exotic
Our politic is not touristic..

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