Alkaline - Outro

Me know say da day yah would a fall, but...
New Level Unlocked really just mean
A new life enuh?
A new mediation
More while things look like it a mash
And a fall out a place
Lowe it, mek it happen
You a go 'pon a new level
You lef' from downstairs and go upstairs
You deh 'pon a new level
Me lef' me ex-girl and find a next girl
Me go 'pon a new level
We a smoke the best
We a wear the best
We deh 'pon a new level
How you know you 'pon you on a new level
Ah when you circle get smaller, you know?
Dem no really love you like dem used to, you know?
Some youth waan we spot
Get your owna birthmark
How you expect fi go 'pon a new level
If by doing the same thing?
Me know say da day would a fall but

World, world will go 'round
New Level Unlocked full a hit song
Madness and badness
Earlan Bartley
Lee Milla Production
DJ Frass

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