Aidonia - Deadline

See the fucker dem...
Yo, dem vex true since me arrival
Me have the fans dem hands a wave like title
Dem fi know say a music drugs and guns a me only survival
Wha' mek dem vex!?!

True... me say Addi a me daddy
Me proud 'cause a badman a my dad, fi that I glad
Rise up my mag from my lab, dem die bad
You a no real gangster, you a try bad
You have battyman, bredda, you soon try fag
A bowas 'pon face like pussy you a try pad
Kill your no more terrible than lance with the high trod
Me writers credit fi from dem diss, dem try rob
Bus me gun blood run
Like when gyal cum 'pon skatta tongue, head bruk like akkalum
Inna duppy dem the mack a tun
Blood run like to the cheese when the rat a run
Body bun smell worse than when rice pot a bun
Fill your head tuff than cornmeal weh hunk adi chef shatta tun
Shot-to-you-head-is-to-hell when the copper come
45 shot clap-out, breeze kaka son
Rise rifle telescope (wow) snipe that a gun
When me snipe side outside tripe drop a ground
Try dive drop a ground
Expect the white car is a bike that a cum, red light glock a come
Dem have lot a gun, nobody fi press it up
Buss the slugback barrel 'pon the speshy bruk
Dem face me mess it up
Trod with the ras from east, weh you do?
Shoot up him chest erupt
We no fear bwoy with screw face ugly cut
When my gun big up, gunshot nah deduct
Gunshot swell him up, like when Hulk big up
Mek blood run look like bulk syrup

Me never call him name 'bout busy dead a sting
The people dem say boo (boooo) instead a fling
Fuck up him cheddar swing, that mek him head a spin
Him future look cloudy like bad weathering
Anedda thing
A sting when me say suck your mumma
A no to me fans dem weh nuff like a match weh Sepp Blatter line up
A the eight battybwoy dem weh scatta line up, dem the Glock a bine up
'Cause it copper coin up (bushkosh)
Me spit lot a rhyme up, cuss bad word 'round the stage bare cop a line up
Dem say mr proper way, mr proper time up
Weh the fuck do dem?!?
Scatta time up (why?)
Under dress dem dine up, digest vagina
Tek 'way meself, so my flex no spoil up
A jus' strat-don, I vex say sign up

Me no buy crash van me that haffi crash from
Boom up like gas 'pon dump inna the trash can
Head blood splash from when gunshot dash from
Size ten MAC-10 level to the rass hand
A who send man fi go page craig roberts?
Dem fearing fi the big gun weh Craig a burst
Lef' head a earth, mek blood red a dirt
Like code red dem a bawl red alert
Me nah trace, gunshot draw out them tongue
Like when a shoes waan lace, no
A no Beenie and Bounty war handgun
Shotgun 12 gauge, pumpy war
Dem badmind, true the gyal dem love me and waan give it up
So me future dem well waan frig it up
Use gunshot swell head and big it up

Informer haunted
Tell kingfish lie say me a par with bare man weh wanted
Say me get new gun, wharf me get eight off a
With the new gunshot weh mek bone break faster
It clap up, head crack up, like cake saucer
Man that tek face off a, it skin scrape off a
Can't bait me like fish inna the lake water
Strap with me gun a night time me a the late walker
Gun weh me buss mek me shake like a break dancer
Lef' dem ends clean like a lawn weh the rake slaughter
Shot buck like bulls with the great harper
Anytime me shoot it like Spurs number 8, Parker

Hablo! Load up the 'K faster, 'K faster, spray faster
Buck the him betray after
Me and him a trod street we come straight off a
Yet still him switch, listen me
Hear 'cause wha'
Mek buck the switch true money, Cordell a make faster
Dem come in like battyman catholic gay pastor
From you me no waan no pay master
A no the Pitbull mek you see beware a me yard
A the thing weh clap any man near a me yard
You inna the van weh appear a the morgue
Me no fire sky shot, me no try that

Cah, only man me fear a the Lord
The gun weh me hand go bring long like mango limb
Change the colouring 'pon your skin
Body buss up when the bomb go fling
'Cause some bwoy a bowers 'pon dem gyal thong go fling
Dem weak the gyal like is a Samson thing
With me and dem a straight gun shot thing
No more clash thing, no more song no sing

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