Aidonia - 90's Flow (Gangsta Town)

Lord Evil
Yo, Short Don
Make some bwoy know
Brawd Board
4th Generation
1 Voice
Nigga's don't know?

Say, man a murderer
Tell dem no fuck 'round the gangsta town
War thing no sweet like damn cologne
Dem come inna me place come fire wild shot

So the Don say fi...
Murder dem and no care, enuh
'Matic plug in, 45 change gear, enuh
9 ball through eye ball, it fly through there, enuh
Time fi bury dem, dem face cyaan repair, enuh
Gunshot fi bomboclaat bwoy weh cyaan hear, enuh
Grants Pen, rifle dem buss like nuclear, enuh
People know say 4th Generation man dem haffi fear, enuh
Long gun me walk with when me touch inna the square, enuh
People get scare, enuh, and start disappear, enuh
Cah dem know me no waste shot, me no buss my gun inna the air, enuh
Man a run, jump fence, and a drop, him pants tear, enuh
If you check him clothes, you know him piss and shit in there, enuh
Broad board me use and buss him head like a pear, enuh
Fast car pull up. A who a drive? Jayds a steer, enuh
Phillip, and him have two chrome shoes, dem make a pair, enuh
Big 'matic 'pon me expensive and deer, enuh
Jump inna the car and we a drive go over there, enuh
Me no deh 'pon wild thing, so me haffi catch you near, enuh
Me no shot man fi dem come out a doctor inna wheelchair, enuh
Right in front the bar, him go so, *flick!*, and pull him beer, enuh
*Boom!*, Me buss me gun and a shot jook him like a spear, enuh
Jordan 'pon the bike, him suicidal, devil-dare, enuh
Sambi a the pillion, him knock it like a snare, enuh
Any bwoy dem go fah, nah miss, dem nah fail, enuh
Uzman and Grizzle bear, enuh
A badman, dem no care, enuh
Popcaan, turn the Glock on, shot fall like rain, enuh
Anyweh you see we, then you know a nightmare, enuh
Come fi your life, man collect like cashier, enuh
Me no run joke, bwoy cyaan put dem hand inna the brassiere, enuh
Cyaan par with me from your head go under there, enuh
Some bwoy a use dem teeth and take off underwear, enuh
Brawd board to him face, three teeth fly out there, enuh
Me no response fi who waan say, me unfair, enuh
Some juvenile, dem nah pay no bus fair, enuh
'Ductor talk, him get a slap out a T-Square, enuh
Gangsta thing dem a deal with, all Clarks dem a wear, enuh
A look bare gyal inna Halfway Tree square, enuh
Inna bus park, a bere gang thing, that me hear, enuh
Nuff time dem run lef' all police over there, enuh
Dem schoolaz a cuss bare bad word and swear, enuh
Dem likkle, juvenile, and dem just bad, dem no care, enuh
Me have nuff dawg with iron, so beware, enuh
Shoot and no miss like Lebron, Cavalier, enuh
Gunshot burn skin, that deh pain deh severe, enuh
Hot steel bruk bone, buss up flesh, skin tear, enuh
Song yah too bad, me ago done it right here, enuh

Here enuh, here enuh, here enuh
Right here enuh
Here enuh, here enuh, here enuh
Here enuh
Right here enuh...

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