Sugar Minott

Birth nameLincoln Barrington Minott
Born25 May 1956, Kingston, Jamaica
Died10 July 2010 (aged 54), Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
Cause of deathRemains undisclosed, probably a heart condition

Band information

Sugar Minott was one of the three founding members of the reggae group The African Brohters.
"I'm a Christian like His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, but at the same time I will recognise each and everyone's right to freedom of belief, because wherever you get your strength or your power from that's alright for me. Rastafari is my culture; it's my way of life. Some people define Rastafari by the dreads you wear, but everybody can grow dreads; it's about the food you eat, the way you walk and the way you talk and what you believe in: cultural, spiritual and natural things. Some people can live by all I've just mentioned, but still lack the love in their heart and in the end it's all about love. A true Rastafarian should be like His Majesty, a Christian of the orthodox faith." by Sugar Minott