Ziggy Marley - Fly Rasta (ft. U Roy)

Now this is Daddy U-Roy
Upside the man called Ziggy Marley
What the musical sound say

Fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
Fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
Dreader than dread (fly Rasta)
(Natty got to hold up you head)
Redder than red (fly Rasta)
(Say Natty rougher than rough)

Take that vow of separation onto the Lord
Drink no strong drink, see no dead
And all the days of your vow of separation
No razor shall come upon your head

Oh fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
(Mighty King Selassie)
Fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
(So we say)
Rooter than root (fly Rasta)
(Natty ever speak the truth)
Truther than truth (fly Rasta)
(Almighty Jah Jah)

Now there's an evil which we've seen under the sun
And it is common among men
For what have the fool more than the wise
Man can't live alone on bread
(No way as I would say)
Delight in the laws of Jah Jah
(On to the Most High Jah)
And on Jah meditate day and night
(Liveth and reigneth in the hearts of every man I-tinually)
Like the tree planted by water
(I say back off with your ism, skism and your folly)
Who's leaves never wither

Oh, fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
Now fly Rasta (fly Rasta)
Dreader than dread (fly Rasta)
(So Natty redder than red yow)
Oh it redder than red (fly Rasta)
(Give thanks and praise each and every day)

But I say blessed is the man
That walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly
Nor standeth in the way of sinners, like I would say

Take the vow of separation
(And all the days of your vows)
Let no razor come up on your head
Flash your Natty dread! Fly Natty Dread!

Fly Rasta (Fly Rasta)
Fly Rasta, now fly Rasta (Fly Rasta)
Now it red (Natty ever speak the truth yow)
Lawd it redder than red (Natty don't tell no lie)
Now fly Rasta (Natty redder than red yow)
Oh, fly Rasta (Run weh Babylon, tell it to dem)
Root is of the root (Say Natty redder than red yow)
Now the truth is of the truth
(Say Natty heavier than led)

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