Vershon - Champion Queffa

Silver Birds Records
Champion Queffa
Man a champion
Alright then (queff)

[Verse 1]
From rags to riches
Making the money and fucking them bitches
The Most High grant me wishes
Face 'pon me Rolex can tell you wha' this is (my time)
Dem say me never did a go mek it
But now me mek it, tell me weh the fucka dem a say now (Say now)
Look how far man a come from to which part me deh now

Dem haffi call me Champion
Champion Queffa
Walk inna Louie store, spend a grand 'pon a [?]
Man a Champion
Champion Queffa
Dem a play the [?], a so me hot, man a pepper
Man a Champion
Champion Queffa
Real duppy maker but we a no trouble maker
Man a Champion
Champion queffa
New York, London
Yo, we deh yah

[Verse 2]
Watch yah now

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