UB40 - V's Version (ft. Sister V)

Dis a de start and not the finish na go deal it with ace
I like to ride up in the riddim, wid de treble and the bass
Not a courtroom could a hold me, 'cause they wouldn't have a case
So don't you hurry, don't rush me, me no inna no haste
Me nah go chat dais one fast cah a no race me a race
'Cause Sis V deh 'pon deh mike, I beg you keep up the pace
And who a star wid Mr. T. it's Hannibal, Murdock and face
I'm sure you noticed on the mike that I am in the right place
I'm gonna chat it in a style and chat it inna grace
Eat good food drink good you know that's to my taste
Now make sure eat it drink it all off na make none go to waste
And who's aeoberti upon Falcon Crest you know him a chase
Se that the top of the crew, Sis V I may seem
See that me deal wid realism get guided by all my dream
Now raspberry ripple as you know it, is my favourite ice-cream
So when me step inna de dance, in my gear I just gleam
I am the top mile women, that's why I'm standing so keen
Don't wa fe hear no pirate chat, cah dem no in a my team
Se dat me de pan level vibes so chatting this, I'm the queen
Why don't you shake a leg, why don't you rock and come in
Don't bother fight inna de dance, don't want police an the scene
To sparkle all the polishing, you'll have to use Mr. Sheen
Incredible Hulk transformation, gigantic and green
So when you look in a him face he stares at you really mean
I like to eat up my steak, better make sure it lean
Just add some rice, add some dumpling, but leave out the bean
Me na go to restaurant sit down and eat three course meal
Me a go chat it verbally don't want it signed stampeder sealed
In a de old avengers starred Steed and Mrs. Peel
Who Robbie Box that gambler on the programme Big Deal
This one is live and direct, so you know it's for real
I don't respect dis ya system, don't expect me to kneel
'Cause Jesus Christ worked His miracle, many man him did heal
Cah man dem make out a flesh and robots made our of steel
They might can operate like man, unlike man they can't feel
Don't bother mix with no informer 'cause on you they might squeal

Cas me se when you have a spliff, I say you must kark it
And when you have a dog, I say you must walk it
'Cause it might just do a number two upon your carpet
You have to get down on your knee and begin to clean it
Well in a de White House Mr. Reagan a sit
And when me go a NASA dem a launch rocket
So when a got a needle save myself nine stitch
While Joan Collins she is starring as the super bitch
Now I'm not exactly poor, but I'm certainly ain't rich
I'm gonna preach it right, don't bother call me hypocrite
Don't want hear Tony Butler, me no check fe critic
So when I get a curly perm Jah-man just use a home kit
And if I'm forced to hear a pirate, dash dem down a snake pit
Mak pirina knam dem tear them flesh bit by bit
'Cause sister V, 'pon de mike and I have got nuff lyric
Jim Davidson teasing Plice with his catch phrase nick nich
Upon my wrist I wear a watch how does it go tock tick
And who is starring with Magnum Higgins TC and Rick
'Cause Tony labour SDP Jah-man dem all make me sick
Because dem na go get my vote cah me no vote for politic
A me a Sister V upon the mike coming through
Se me a top a de chart Jah-man and top of the crew

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