Tony Rebel - Love One Another

One of the greatest four letter words
My eyes have behold and my ears ever heard
I say every other thing come second and third
Love a the power, watch this

I say unnu love one another
I telling unnu to love one another,
I want you love one another
Love one another, love one another
Come again come love one another, I say love one another

Remember love one another, love one another,
love one another
Because love could make you happy
Coulda never make you sad
Trying to make it snappy
And get that love that you must have
Because L and a 0 and a V and a E
That could make the world f-r-e-e
L and a 0 and a V and a E
That good for you and that good for
Man and woman in a relationship
You don't have love it cannot exist
So I insist that you refuse to resist
That wonderful thing that your heart must cherish
Because from my experience the greatest ingredients
Is love and obedience connected with reverence
I always admire a loving desire
That's what we require so kindle the fire


All the people living inna this world today
Shoulda never ever let love get away
'Cause L-0-V-E can make you okay
Every second every minute every hour of the day
So if Europe and America Caribbean and Asia
And Japan and China and Mama Africa
Could just come together this wood would be better
'Cause love is the power spread it all over


One of the greatest four letter word
My eyes have ever behold and my ears ever heard
'Cause like and lust and crush come third
You take me up on that you have a nerve
Because I'm optimistic and enthusiastic
And very prophetic about this topic
I have to spread it make it get endemic
Till an epidemic in all family units


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