Tommy Lee Sparta - Not A Badness

Ready fi murder dem again
Damage Musiq

[Verse 1]
Ready fi circle dem with a tall clip
Likke crawfish swear say dem a artist
A me you cyaan diss, gunpoint me nah miss
That a no badness, hold on, weh you call this?
These banana clips no sell a market
Badness you a chuck youth, better you park it
See him 'pon a plane and 'fraid fi pass me
Bwoy could as all, want piss and cyaan piss
Sparta, no rifle we no short a
Nowhere else no full a gun like Gaza
Teach dem a lesson, shot long like marker
Find out 'pon the border dem deh a gi' brawta
Damage! Create another disaster
Cyaan ricochet, goal keeper me a kick off a
See him 'pon a stage, performance dry
So dem buss him forehead with a bottle a water
So you can gwaan act, not a bad, so gwaan chat
Uzi 'pon rapid, clap it, me nah stop
Fully auto the Famas shot off locks
Vultures and maggots feed 'pon your carcass

So weh you call that? Not a badness
Me want fi know weh you call that, hmm-mmm
A weh you call that
Me want fi know weh you call that, hmm-mmm

[Verse 2]
Me nah thump out, pull me guns out
Squeeze the trigger, a live rounds a pump out
See him 'pon the plane as him hear me name
You want see him a try pull the window fi jump out
How him say him bad? as him say me him punk out
Shaky! like him did deh 'pon some coke
So me know say dem fear man
Dawg, as the plane land, door fly, road runner run out
Nah do no crime, too fucking lie
Which four rifle? Four catapult him buy
Me run in 'pon a ends, everybody a die
Before him apologize, full him up a hollow point
Create a havoc like sparrow, a so marrow a fly
When the Thompson a fire 50 carbine
Dem a sing 'bout gun weh dem have and a hide
And when the guns out war start dem cyaan find

So weh you call that? Not a badness
Me want fi know weh you call that, hmm-mmm
Now weh you call that
Me want fi know weh you call that

[Verse 3]
Me nah wait till the nine night over
Walk out bare face, rifle 'pon shoulder
War get dread, kill the coke smoker
Everybody weh frass, dem haffi get sober
Full a tricks like poker, evil like joker
Militancy kill everybody, Sparta soldier
When the clip dem empty time fi the forensic
Road full of lox, see piece a the nose yah
Boast 'bout three kill and never kill a man
How dem a tell lie? And a put it inna song
Me pull back the hammer inna forehead shot a slam
Blood a run a marathon, dem yah 'matic yah no jam
Ever strap, ever have a gun inna me position
Glock inna me hand, fling a bottle bomb inna the van
Kill dem a the Spartan tradition
You cyaan be a, kill dem, kill dem
A the Spartan tradition

So weh you call that
Gun man a weh you call that
Joke thing dem
A weh you call that
Me nah lie
Me a murder
Hmmm-mmm, Sparta

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