Tommy (Tommy), Tommy (Tommy)
My old friend and new enemy
You ungracious being
Pay attention to what I'm about to say
As this will be your last chance
Have you reflected on your life prior to me?
Do you recall sitting in solitude
Wishing upon a star for a fresh start?
No one saw the star potential in you
I made your dreams become reality, don't you remember?
Is this how you repay me?
We can dominate these lost souls together
Let me liberate you from what limits you
No mercy on those whom rise up against us
Join me with your spartan army
So those who rebel will live in fear
Tommy, no one understands you like I do, cares for you like I do
Open your eyes and see
Tommy (Tommy)
Why did you leave me alone
After all I've done for you?
You betrayed me
I'm talking to you
Answer me!
Tommy, answer me!

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