Tarrus Riley - My Baby (Cyan Sleep)

My little baby don't follow the rules
She likes to do things her own way
She's gonna need a baby brother soon
To share the attention with her mommy, yeah

This little baby can be so rude
And she refuse to eat baby food
This little baby is giving mommy stress
And it's hard to sleep while she fights of her breast

I cyaan sleep, I cyaan sleep
Cyaan sleep, but I love my baby
Cyaan sleep, cyaan sleep
I cyaan sleep, but I love my baby

This little baby, don't sleep in a crib
But I and I remember one night, she wish that she did
'Cause she was tossing and turning in bed
She made one wrong roll, fall and hit her head
Crying huh, huh, huh, this little baby

I cyaan sleep, I cyaan sleep
But who needs sleep, when you have a little baby to love
Yeah, to love

Love my baby

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