Sugar Minott - Walking Through The Ghetto

Come an' listen now
Ooooh, yeah

Walking through the ghetto, of which I'm a part
Without a penny in my pocket, even to make a start
And it's you, it's you the oppressors, you are to blame
You don't wanna pay, for work that done

And when you help a good man
You never help him alone, oh no, no, no
They are so many, on him they all depend, hmm
So don't try to keep, keep me down
No, no - no, no, no

Oh-ho-ohhh - the ghetto
Life in the ghetto, oh yeah

I love this little ghetto, of which I'm a part, hmm
And I won't be running away, I gotta see a better day
I gotta try and try and try, till I succeed

The youth, they can't get their regular shillings, oh no
And it's you, it's you - you are to blame, oppressors
Ah cah you really, really, really, really don't know
What love is all about
No you don't know, no, no, no, you don't know

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