Stick Figure - Trouble Up There

Trouble up there, I don't care
Wrong or right, well I don't know
I see it on your face, it's in your eyes
I tried to make it work, it's obvious

Oh, I know, I did wrong
I made the mistake once before, now I did it again

It soothes the night, well, I'm alright
It soothes the night, I'm alright

Winter up here, snowing all the time
It's hard to breathe, she always on my mind
The nights are long, the days grow colder
She come to me, Lord, so I hold her

Oh, I know, I did wrong
I felt like this once before, now I feel it again

They say I'll be okay, but I'm not not sure
One left my side, the other came to the door
Hold me tight, like never before
How do I find peace with a soul at war?

Oh, I know, I did wrong
I've been in love twice before, now I did it again

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