Stick Figure - Burial Ground

Went down to the burial ground
Got good reason to give thanks today
Come on down, please gather around
It's time to let the spirits awake
I know, it's been told
Lies compromise but the truth gets old
It don't matter, just leave it alone
The spirits got something to say

Hold up, it's happening
Times are getting tough Lord, where you been
I keep it up boy, now leave it alone
I know you got no place to go

Step back into reality, let the smoke clear
Tell me what do you see
You got big dreams, they are not what they seem
In many old kind of ways
I know, it's easy to say
When you look back at what took place
You got your reasons for these feelings today
Stop don't push em' away


I went down to the burial ground
It's the place to give your thanks and praise
You're not bound to this merry go round
Take a break and let your mind escape
I know, well it's been said
When you stop dreaming yes you're already dead
The truth be hold, it's a lonely road
Relax and let your mind explode

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