Stick Figure - Barrels

Cocaine, cocaine, no
Cocaine, cocaine, yeah

A long time we travel, make our way up the coast
Brought to this land ten thousand miles from home
Sailing upon a ship with thirty barrels of blow
Them packed full cocaine in the galley below

The eye in the sky, the water patrol
Trying to track us down and there was nowhere to go
And then, shots fired at the incoming boats
Not asking for no trouble, we got nothing to lose

Cocaine, cocaine, no
Cocaine, cocaine, yeah

We make our way up through Mexico
Brought by a man with no self control
Don't look the other way because we'll do it again
The north awaits the man, he'll be your best

Again upon this land, we make our way closer to home
Driving through the night down the loneliest roads
We meet the man, shake his hand, but his name we don't know
Ten thousand pound of cocaine just got sold
This is the life, this is the life for some
Who knows, where do you belong?
It's just a run, make the money, and the story gets told
It's coming to find you, it's headed straight for your nose

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