- Junior Reid:

- Dead Prez:
Look what they doing, despicable, inhuman
And got the nerve to say that I'm 3/5ths of a human
Babylon is in ruins, inhabited by a beast
A bloodsucker, vampire to say the least
Look at the way that they're gnashing their teeth as they feast
Fighting to get a piece, something like Ancient Greece
Permanent Halloween, Trick or Treat
We're walking like zombies out in these streets
Shackled our hands and feet, what you see, what you see?

- Stephen Marley:
Down there in Babylon
Where transgression increaseth
There they know no love
Hopeless are the days
Hold I stead 'Fari (Jah!)
From their wicked life
Smiles upon their faces
Evil in their hearts
Oh my, oh
Oh a oh, oh I..

- Junior Reid:
Babylon, Babylon
Babylon, Babylon
Babylon, I know me know your kingdom a go fall down
Jah will never give you the crown
Babylon, I know me know your kingdom a go fall down
Long you try fi hold Rasta down (that's right)
Babylon, I know me know your kingdom a go fall down (yeah)
Rasta nuh 'fraid of no clown

- Dead Prez:
Babylon is a Devil inna blue dress, Satan in a suit and tie
Oppression is freedom, Heaven is Hell and the truth is a lie
They murder the youth, the police don't shoot in the sky
It's a warzone, you do what you gotta do to survive
You get suited and ride, life is hustle or starve
This is capitalism religion, money is god
America eats the young like cannibal breakfast
Wall Street is swarming with Hannibal Lecters
Crooked elections, politricks of the shitstem
Legal lynchings, modern day crucifixions
Slaves to the current conditions that we live in
More faith in the reverends than making our own heaven
It's foul, how the youth glued to the television
Ain't heard of Assata, but Twitter following Paris Hilton
It's only right we want to be more than poor and righteous but
Even the rich today can't ignore the crisis in Babylon..

- Stephen Marley:
Oh my, oh
Oh a oh, oh I..

- Junior Reid:
Babylon no waan fi see the youths dem wield together
All they want we do, dem waan we fight we one anedda
Dem no waan fi see ??
Survival, we ?? to any weather

Stephen Marley, Junior Reid, Deed Prez
Stephen Marley, Junior Reid, Deed Prez

And so, from that tiem to this time
The fall of Babylon has been prophesied
And just like heaven and earth will share
Before one of these words pass away
As we speak today, Babylon persists, to fall..

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