Steel Pulse - Evermore

Ya told me your love
Would be would be secure
Ya told me that you would
Not ever think of walkin'
Through that door
You said as long as the wheel
Keeps on turning around and round
And with every breath that you take
Baby, you said your love, oh yeah
Is gonna last for evermore

I asked you if you stop lovin' me
Just tell me so, yeah
I asked you not to let me be
The last one to know
Right now I feel hurt
Seems everything that you said were lies
Why couldn't you tell the truth now
Baby, you said your love, yeah
Is gonna last for evermore, oh, evermore
It's gonna last for evermore

Evermore, evermore..

Oh oh oh but I know better
Now I got you ?? for myself
And I know that times are changing
But it hurts and I must look ahead
I felt you used me
I feel a fool still
All that you've left me
Is hurt and painful memories
But baby, it's funny
My love, yeah, is gonna last for evermore

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