Steel Pulse - Born Fe Rebel

The Blood of Marcus
Blood of Malcolm
Goes running through my veins
And Nat Turner's vision
I can see it very plain
Saw William Gordon and Paul Bogle
Hanging from a tree
May their spirits and their souls
Come charging into me

I was born fe rebel
I was born fe rebel
I was born, oh yes I was born to fight
Radical to the bone, trouble won't leave me alone
Radical to the bone, trouble won't leave me alone

Like Hannibal that crossed the Alps
Went on to conquer Rome
Like David slew Goliath
With a sling shot and a stone
Like crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
The great Geronimo
I'll fight with every tooth and nail
And every brick and stone


Some a seh me too militant
A which part I man come from
Want protect my people
From who doing I and I wrong

(DJ Jukie)


Fight with all my might
Whether day or night
I've got to do what's right
People take advice

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I was born fe fight
Fight with all my might
Got to do what's right
Whether day or night

Alive, Survive, I strive, Survive

Radical to the bone
Trouble won't leave me alone
Radical to the bone
Armed with sticks and stones

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