Stand High Patrol - Lobbies Daily Hobbies

[Verse 1]
Lobbies are scary I must confess
One of the sources of the world distress
They get more we get less...
They serve their interest as a priority
What can we do? We are a minority
We must resist, I insist
Showing them we exist
Fossil fuel industries
Pharmaceutical lobbies
Lobbies daily hobbies
Corrupting authorities
The power of car industry
They got backing from the ministry
While the world's largest seed company
Infects the world!

G-D-P, culture makes seven times more money
Than automotive industry
But they shut down cultural venues everywhere
This is unfair

[Verse 2]
Bribery, corruption
Destruction consumption
Instruction obstruction
Deduction reduction
I don't tell you any fiction
This is a real depiction
Bad situation I tell you the truth...
I spit bad news in the mic booth
My doctor received presents
Bad medicines he prescribes
Last year they killed nuff residents
But they won't stop to pay bribes

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