I move along with my guitar, never goes away
She is with me through the night
And in the morning she stays
I wash away like yesterday
Float down the stream through all my ways
She accompanies my steps in all my days
She has six strings that I know
Just how to work and how to play
We speak a language of our own
Every minute of the day
We get along into the song
I find her heart and I make it strong
And she backs me up when everyone has gone away
She sings to me...
She sings to me...

She never goes very far
She stays around no matter what I am doing
She is there for me
I know that she don't know the words
I don't care, I kinda like it
Less the talking, a little more the melody
She reaches out without a touch
She knows that whatever I love
Ends up broken in the past and out the door
I have broken her before
I let her fall onto the floor
I call it character and I love her more
When she sings to me...
She sings to me...
She sings to me...
She sings to me...
She sings to me...

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