SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army) - Everything Changes

What do we really need in this life
I look at myself sometimes like it's not right
People out there with no food at night
And we say care, but we don't so we all lie

What if there's more to this and one day
We become what we do not what we say
We end up in all the shit that they're in
And roles are reversed and it was different

And we were the ones with nothing to eat
We were the ones with blood in our streets
We were the ones with only our screams
And they were the ones just watching on TV

And we were the ones broke down and torn
With our life on our back and our wife in our arms
And they were the ones like damn that's so sad
And we were the ones like..

Nothing ever changes
It's the only thing I know
That nothing ever changes
I'm looking down this road
And nothing ever changes.. no
No nothing ever changes

Look at your dreams and your intention
Selfish it is for you to mention
Turning your thousands into millions
Marry a model and you have some children

Well they got their dreams to I imagine
Like what if it won't come back to kill them
Sleeping at night without a murder
In some little town you never heard of

Now look at your nightmares
And all of your worst fears
Your car and your house
And your girl and it stops there
All these things you can't imagine losing

Like oh no what if that happened to me
But what you got they'll never have
To be like you ya, to have your chance
To be like you before they're gone oh no ohh

Nothing ever changes
At least that's how we act
Like nothing ever changes
Like God has got our backs
Like nothing ever changes
I'm looking down this road
And I can see this pain is
It's the only kind I know


Maybe we need more shoes on our feet
Maybe we need more clothes and TV's
Maybe we need more cash and jewellery
Or maybe we don't know what we need

Maybe we need to wanna fix it
Maybe stop talking
Maybe start listening
Maybe we need to look at this world
Less like a square and more like a circle

Maybe just maybe God's not unfair
Maybe we're all his kids and he's up there
Maybe he loves us for all our races
Maybe he hates us when were all so racist

Maybe he sees us when we don't care
And it's heaven right here but it's hell over there
And maybe the meek will inherit this earth
'Cause it was written before so..

Everything changes
And nothing stays the same
No everything changes
And if you feel ashamed
Maybe you should change this
Before it gets to late
Maybe you should change this
My brother were standing at the gate
Oh everything changes, changes, changes
Maybe you should change it, change it, change it
Everything changes, changes, changes
Everything changes

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