Slightly Stoopid - Killin' Me Deep Inside

I see now little girl a cryin' she was looking so sad
I wonder why but then I realize the pain that she had
Deep on the inside something you can't understand
I gotta take her back and now she's holdin' my hand
I'm like a man with just one dollar gotta give it away
Unless I'm all upon the mic I ain't got nothing to say
I'm just a young man tryin to make one more day
To all them bad boyz no they don't mess with me
'Cause we used to have a drummer
The boy he was a bummer
We gonna take a drum machine on tour with us this summer
People come along and they get smacked back
And then the 0070

When I look into your eyes I realize love passes by
Now I know it's time to walk away
They killin' me deep inside

I said the people upon the world they have to see
That all this fussin' and fightin' no it's not for me
Yes I'm just a man upon the microphone stand
Who hopes to give you some good lovin' through the night
But if you got a problem then me don't understand
The only reason that you're comin' around and clamin' the man
To be the one who - who's tearin' your heart up in two
And then come rockin' upon the microphone while givin' it to you

When I look into your eyes I realize love passes by
Now I know it's time to walk away

You're sittin' back on the couch tryin' to ease the pain
'Cause it feels like the world is sittin' up on your brain
Insanity is creepin' it comin' up on you
You don't know what to do because nobody can help you
You got the feelin' that nobody can hear you
See you or feel you or even get near you
The invisible man he does the best that he can
To survive in world where nobody understands
And then I'm sick of all the pressure and insanity
That seems to come without warning
It's always after me
I'm trying to live my life and do what is right
But if you test me boy
Blow you up like dynamite

They killin' me deep inside

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