Sizzla - One Away

Rastafari and I and I.. love di yutes dem!
Woi! Children of man!

Positively clear,
The people inna di world keep forgetting them past.
So dem gone astray, so mi bun dem everyday,
Dat dem nuh love, conspiracies a talk and never fail.
Positively clear,
Di people in di world a lust fi dem top class.
Every way, think yuh are actually there,
Yuh toe yuh guh bruck 'cause you a snake in da grass.

Mi an' di yutes a trod one away,
Melchizedek way, yay-ay!
So if yuh see mi an' di yutes dem trodding through the earth,
Wi haffi trod it King Selassie way, yea, yea!
Trodding this one away, haffi trod it one away, yay-ay!
Dem send 50, 60, 70 pagan,
Mi slew dem off in space a one day.
Well read.. you see!

The people inna di west,
Di whole a dem gone crazy.
Love fi big up dem chest, yet dem dey inna slavery,
Dem caan nyam nuh food without nuh money.
So foolish is the man,
Eat food in fruitful Zion yet him hungry.
A tell yuh fi, cleanse yuh ways, clean up yuh path,
Ghetto yutes nuh badda gaze, mi say unno fus fi staat.
Babylon a seek soul an' heart,
Dem dun get dem peice and want our half.

That's why trod one away,
Melchizedek way, yay-ay!
So if yuh see mi an' di yutes dem trodding through Jah earth,
Mi trod it King Selassie way, well dem, yu see!

The Prime Minister know what a galong,
A dem sell out di yutes to the Queen a England.
Di whole a dem haffi bow when dem see mi turban,
Mi drop every authority fi Babywrong.
Melchizedek, order never yet wrong,
How mi chant mi nyabinghi fi di black redemption.
Unno careful a di words an' di food whey yuh a nyam,
From the yutes grow dem good, that's organization.
So Bobo hill better pull fi centralization,
And Emperor Selassie is an Ethiopian.
Reign in the heart and flesh from Mount. Zion,
Mi come fi every Israelite out a Babylon.
Show mi who will step forth, for repatriation,
Nuh cut nuh more throat, nuh badda kill nuh younger one.
So rise an' tek yuh stan, tuh better know whey fi walk,
Selassie I is the Almighty One, confuse not your heart.
Dem sight mi turban, conspiracies a talk,
Emanuel, so watch out because him a guh wrath.

We haffi trod dis one away,
That's the first and only way.
So if yuh see I an di yutes dem trodding thru,
That's King Alpha and Omega way.

Di whole a dem only secretive,
But fi wha mi nuh know.
Bun dem corner an' dem crevices,
Wha dat, it is the show.
I need to see every yutes grow,
Living up, come mek wi cristen and flow, oh, oh!
Watch all d seeds whey you ah sew,
Caan plant corn an' a peas yuh waan fi.

Haffi trod one away..

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