Sean Paul - Uptowners (skit)

Dinner was lovely
It was very nice, dear
*Opens car*
I particularly enjoyed the scallops
*Starts car, drives away*
Let's get some music
Yes, that'll be nice
*Searches through radio stations*
Uhm, darling, would you mind to much if I listened to something else?
*Changes radio stations, Sean Paul comes up*
This is dancehall!
Darling, that's rubbish, you're going to ruin a perfect evening
But I like dancehall and that's Sean Paul
Dancehall is rubbish, Sean Paul? Yes. In my car?
I don't listen to dancehall
I think he's cute
Cute?! Uhu. Rubbish man!
Sean Paul? Dancehall? Can't be cued in my car
But listen...
This is rubbish
Bu-but I like dancehall!
Listen to me, there's no more dancehall
Listen, if you give it a chance -
It's rubbish!
- you'll like it to!
No - Yes, you will
- it's rubbish, you're going to ruin -
Yes, you will
- the evening with this Sean Paul foolishness
Dutty yeah
What is that?
Dutty, yeah
Rubbish dutty yeah
Dutty, yeah
Just stop this rubbish now
Dutty, yeah
Stop the rubbish!
Dutty, yeah
Stop the rubbish!
Dutty, aah...

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