Sean Paul - Uptown Haters Skit

Hmmmm.. hmmm hmm hmm hmmm.. [hmming continues]
[phone rings]
Hey what's up man?
Big rave goin' on tonight and you rollin' wit me?
There are no raves in Jamaica Matthew, what are you talkin' about?
Naa they carrying dis guy from a biza, man
A guy from a biza?
Yea, it gonna be it gonn be off da hook
Matthew.. [laughs] the last time you guys try to get me to a to a rave
I ended up at some (dancehall event)
No this time.. there's glow sticks, it gon' be off the hook, the works
Uhhh.. Matthew Matthew, the last time you spoke to me about a rave
It was dancehall it was Sean Paul
No, there's very hot girls in cages though you know, but it's not
Dutty? Dutty eh
Some rubbish on the stage, jumpin' up and down
And it was total foolishness
It's not what you thinkin' sharky
You know I'm not into dancehall
No, but sharky, this time..
I really.. I really wish you would not try to trick me
To goin' to these dancehall events wit you guys
I'm not tryin' to trick you.. sh-- it's
'Cause I'm not into de dancehall, it's
And you kno I believe dancehall is rubbish right?
It's n-- it's a rave
I'm not going to allow you to fool me
Shark, you're not hearing me, it's rave!
Into getting' me to go to a dancehall event
No.. [sighs]
There's no more of me going to dancehall events!
This is every-- everything you..
There are no raves, you're not going to fool me
This is everything you like
Again, ever all right? no more! it's rubbish!

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