Rhythm Aces - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (The Meaning Of Christmas)

C - is for Christmas
The season of good cheer
H - is for happiness
To last through
Through the years
R - is for respect
That each and all should show
In this holy season
Wherever you may go

I - is for indulgence
To know how far to go
S - is for Santa Claus
The children all do know
T - is for toys
For little girls and boys
Around the world where they may be
He'll find them joyfully

M - is for manger
The place where he was born
A - is for angels
Who watched from dusk till dawn
S - is for star
That led three men from afar

And remembering this
We hope you'll see
A very Merry Christmas
Wherever, you may be

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