Randy Valentine - Ina Di Ghetto

People mek me tell you my story
About the place weh me come from JA, yeah
Yeah, eh, eh, eh, heee

Everybody waan the high life
'cause you cyaan find comfort inna sufferation
Poor people walking on a fine line
And the bigger heads dem offer we no donation
I can see it from a bird's eye
That what dem feel inna dem heart
Is not what they show
When you see dem is a bright smile
A couple more false promises, the pain won't go
Likkle girl living on the corner
A likkle youth wish him coulda mek bread out a stone
A killer is a figure for a father
Robbing is all they see, so that's all they know
S.O.S. this is a code red
Gi' me a one way ticked to the foundation
Before the days of the stone age
When we were kings and queens singing sacred songs
Inna the gutter you can find us
Struggle is a must, every family haffi sign up
Daddy inna rush fi pay the bills before dem pile up
Mama blow wood fire bun off here eyelash
We living inna minus, quiet till I buss
Living in the ghetto mek it hard fi stay righteous
It cuts like a razor when food price raise up
Government is just another excuse for failure
I feel so bless when I wake and see the sunshine
Nuff man no lucky dem so lose it to gun crime
This is nothing new, they be killing us from long time
It feels like they only hire police fi hunt I down
And then they wonder why we have a gun in hand
Bills haffi pay, weh we a go get the money from
Lord, me no speak fi every Jamaican
But a so we stay up weh me come from

Inna the ghetto, yeah, yeah
Inna the ghetto
Inna the ghetto
Inna, inna, inna the ghetto, yeah, yeah, oh

Growing up as a likkle child
Me used to play with tryre no Playstations
Daddy said there would be better days
But I can see it in his eyes, pure frustration
Still he remain as a soldier
Him say son remember this when you get older
Life is a vehicle, you a the chauffeur
And you nah go reach no weh if you no know Jah, eh
I say a prayer for the progress
And give thanks for the little that you have receive
There is no time to be hopeless
Come mek we build we own government and rise as a team
'Cause dem no know what it's like fi wake up inna night
And a cry 'cause your baby no feed
And then at the same time
YOur belly a bite you, 'cause you no nyam from last week
Dem ask me how me lose me humbleness
My reply is I'm tired a the hungriness
Even the preacher get vex, with Jesus
A scream through the speaker say wah kind a fuckery this
Oh no, no, noo
I don't speak for every Jamaican, noo
But a so we stay weh me come from

Inna the ghetto
Inna the ghetto
Inna the ghetto
Inna, inna, inna the ghetto, eh heey

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