Popcaan - Disrespect (Remix) (ft. Tommy Lee Sparta)

Chromatic, the ultimate

Tommy Lee
Hey Creep!
Why pree?!
Hey Popcaan!

Ain't no other
Lyrical bumber explosive rhyme me a drop 'pon dah one yah
Inna the jungle no romp with da King Kong yah
Inna the mountain dem a domestic lamma

Hamma, why back staba dem waan see me dead
Dem no waan hear me grammar?
All who no like we and all who a follow
Unno nah see me funeral suite 'pon no hanger

Lyrics dem get serious, like a bet
Laugh now, cry later, stamp 'pon me chest
Jah shine a light, bwoy walk up the step
When me take out the 'K out of the alphabet
You know how we roll, Gaza till me death
'Longside of Addi, the devil reject
Grim rim, Popcaan the prefect
When we done with the world, none a dem nah forget

Yo, Tommy Lee!
Tell dem say, no fuck 'round Creep
Simone dem say you cyaan live in peace
Dinearo, the thing dem grease
Angry we angry, we crosser than beast

Badman don't take no disrespect
Some bwoy better be careful
No make Creep buck unno inna the park
It not goin' be so playful, hey!
Badman no take disrespect
Nuh make Dinearo haffi make this step
Last bwoy violate, run leave him crep
(And do wha'?)
And beat him death

Skull hotter than the grabba weh me burn
Addi, the dadda, son
Till the something' a go run
Dawg, the sun hot don't?
Me skull a burn
Me bad charge a run you down
No bother say me browning a rub you down
Buzzman cyaan 'par 'pon the scheme from him young
Ask Tammy, the thing dem longer than her tongue

Gaza man crazy..
No, we insane.. (hmm)

Some bwoy see we link and feel a the link 'pon the chain
Gyal, don't mess with the brain
Don't make we feel real intimidate in vain
'Cause we will fall heavy rain
Make you look like crash car 'pon the main
We style..

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