Mutabaruka - Wind Of Time

I hear the sound of the wind
Rushin' to the sea
I hear the wind callin'
Who will come with me
The tides are a changin'
The world needs re-arrangin'
Who will come with me
In the depths of the earth
Breathes life forever
The peace that men desire
Is burnin' in the heart of the fire
So who's gonna take the blame
Who gonna end the game

In the wind I hear 10,000 voices..
Beckonin' for freedom
In the wind I see hands reachin'
Come.. come.. come..
Quick, give me your hand
Let us walk on the sand
Before the sea comes in.. and
Takes away the lan'

Everything must change they say
The voice of the wind is fading away
Now time and only time will tell
If there is a heaven or a hell
I watched the sea rushin' into shore
Trying to take the footprints
To the ocean floor
The tides came in
But the prints were blown away by the wind

Now I hear the wind howlin' again
Who's gonna take the blame
Who's gonna take the blame
Who's gonna take the blame
Who's gonna end the game

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