Mutabaruka - Thievin Legacy

Gimme mi dis
Gimme mi dat
Gimme back mi every thing yuh got
Gimme mi philasophy yuh carry to Greece
Thief homo and Socrates
Gimme back mi historical masta piece
Gimme back mi name
Gimme mi back mi kalinda
Gimme mi books yuh tief from Alexzandra
Gimme mi queen like Cleopatra
Mi nuh wah ear 'bout Queen Victoria
Gimme mi language a knoo suh well
Yuh mixup Inglish canfusin' nuh het
Gimme back mi maths you Pytagarus
Gimme mi simbals yuh tief from us

Gimme mi dis
Gimme mi dat
Gimme mi back mi everyting yuh got
Gimme mi dymon
Gimme mi gold
Gimme back mi rack and roll
Gimme mi uraynium
Gimme mi coal
Gimme mi reggae
Gimme mi blues
Gimme mi musik dat yuh confuse

No spiritual cansep originated here
Suh who I praise yuh shouldn't care
Yuh seh steal not, yuh tief mi lan'
Sex not, yuh rape mi mada
Keep de sabbat, wi work seven days a week
Yuh buil a nation from de sweat of mi back
Now yuh wah com gimme crack

Gimme mi herbs meck wi meck som tea
Gimme back all mi fruit tree
Gimme mi medicin yuh teck fom mi
Gimme de remedy dat meck bline see

Gimme mi dis
Gimme mi dat
Gimme back everyting yuh got

Gimme a space a can run mi own life
Respect is due de time is now
No more turn cheek
Dis time wi naah bow

Gimme a break..

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