Mutabaruka - Revolutionary Words

Revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment
Revolutionaries.. babblin' out angry words
About changes we need, de system greed
While they take it for a joke, sniffin' on coke
Revolutionary words bein digested with
Bubble gums, pop corn, ice cream
In tall inter-continental buildings
Revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment
Oppressors talkin' about oppressors,
Oppressin' de oppressors
Where are the oppressed revolutionaries
Sippin' coffee and tea, explainin what its like to be
Down town aroun town, dancin' to the disco
Gettin' low, not knowin' which way to go
While the Salvation Army is still leadin' the revolution

Revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment
Revolutionaries...revoltin' against change
That takin' place in their heads while
Grenada change, Ethiopia change
Nicaragua change, the dollar change
The revolution is changin', changin Namibia
Let us shout about that

Yes revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment
Lip stickin', Afro not doin'
Dread lock attack, no turnin' back

'Ave all gone to the art centers to watch
The sufferin' of the people
Bein' dramatized by the oppresors
In their revolutionary words..

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