Mutabaruka - Revolt Ain't A Revolution

Why are we fightin' each other
Tryin' to overthrow our brother
Why are we still sayin' freedom
Still freedom can't come
We have to learn things from ancient history
To help build a new society
We have to remember Nkrumah and Garvey
To build our own economy

Now a revolt aint a revolution
Coup is still not the solution
We have to plant some food on the land
Agriculture is the key for buildin' a nation

Why are we measurin' progress
As determined by the west
Why are we still sayin' yes
To all their industrial mess
We have to understan' the times we are livin' in
And remember where we have been
We have to remember what happen in slavery
So as not to repeat that history

Now a revol ain't a revolution
Killin' leaders is not the solution
We have to buil schools in the community
To get rid of illetaracy

Why are we listening to these preachers
Who pose as moral teachers
Why are we still sayin' Amen
To the very thing that put us in this pen
We have to return to ancient philosophy
And reveal all of earths mystery
We have to live by our own spirituality
To determine our own destiny

Now a revolt ain't a revolution
Foreign aid is still not the solution
We have to understan' Afrika for Afrikans
To build a new nation

Why are we discussin' problems
With people who refuse to solve them
Why are we still beggin' for freedom
While lookin' down the barrel of a gun
We have to seek Shaka Hannibal
In these times of aggression
And understand what was their mission
We have to advance to victory with truth and right
Known that right must overcome might

Now a revolt ain't a revolution
Buildin' nuclear weapons is not the solution
If some thing is not worth diein' for
It's not worth livin' for
But if it takes war to free us
Then is just war!

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