Mutabaruka - Revenge

I am a angry young man I'm on de run
Yesterday I thief mi fada gun
I'm a angry young man, I'm on de run
A shot a police wid mi fada gun
Ask me why, a tell you no lie
A pray years hopin' dat dis police would die
As a child a can neva feget
Dat face so ugly and sweat
Yet a knew de day would come
Wen a would have to kill him an run
Now mi family will neva si mi again
Through these years I have felt much pain
A nite mare all these years
So much pain so much tears

Now it happen a long time aguh
Right down there in de ghetto
Mi mada was sittin' aroun de shop counta
Wen a man come in an start to beat her
Mi fada was away dat day
Neva knoo who to run to or wat to say
A stan up deh a neva meck a soun'
De man push mi mada to de groun'
A couldn't se a ting agen
But a knoo mi mada was feelin pain
Wen him lef a hear her cry
A hear her seh "Lord, let me die!"

Time and time a would hear mi fada seh
Dat mi sista was not his.. and a kne right aweh
Dat de day would have to come
Wen a would be a young man on de run

Now a sit behind dis wall, dis wall suh tall
Still hearin' mi mada cry
Still hearin' her seh "Lord, let me die!"

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