Mutabaruka - Outcry

To walk the street pave wid blood mud
Mix wid sweat an' tears years
Of dreams to materialize wiseman
Seeking new plan, upsettin' Babylon
Gone above Babylon infinity
New martyrs found mong so called pity
Madness of the city, Babylon can't see free i

Herbs smell, tell
Linkin' man, to one, why cry?
Bring down from sky
God o die, big samfie lie
They talk of kulcha, vulcha
Takin' to turn, yearn for truth
Root, look kute, on yout'
Comin' back to wash, mus' crash now, how?
Educate, to emancipate, talk of freedom
Som, will com, togetherness, yes
Leave wes, east bes',
Unite, an' fite, site
Jah lite, it right
Mighty mite..

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