Mutabaruka - Letter From A Friend

From where I stand
I can cleary see your tormented faces
How you must hate me
I wonder how many think of killin' me
Of assasinating their countries leader
But again lookin at you all
I see fear,, passive fear, fear of death
No martyrs are among you

So I am safe within the confines of the law
To overtax you, underpay you
Overwork you, police force you
Bury you, black people, my people
Victims of society, victims of western democracy
No martyrs are among you
Even though our country achieved independence
European rule still prevails
Neo-colonialism has its roots deep in our soil
I care not, as long as I am well paid
No martyrs are among you

So I am safe within the confines of your passitivity
To stand on this rostrum and adress you..
And fill your oppressed ears with mockin' promises
As I speak, I speak for all who are here with me
Brown and nearly white, for colour, class and creed
Has no meanin' where the Almighty dollar is concerned
And on behalf of the government here and abroad
I would like to thank you voters
For dippin' your finger in the blood thus markin' an X
Givin' us the wrong to do wrong
You dont have to hear my thoughts, you know them
No martyrs are among you

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