Mutabaruka - I Doh Ave A Color Problem

I doan ave a colour problem
I si everyting in black
Wen a walk a nite
I dohn si neon lite
An at crismus
Nuttin fi mi tun white
I si every ting in black
Black dungeons
Holdin' black bodies
To be sold for a price

I doan ave a colour problem
I come from a black womb
Enter a black worl
Fill wit black devils
Doing everyting
Black dat was bad..

In de blackess corner of my mind
I created nothing of colour
My soul filled with devils
Sowing seeds of ugliness
Black magic castin shadows of past pains
Ugliness prevails black as sin
Yet.. I entered a black flesh
Dat concieved a black child
Who was taught on a black slate
By way of a black board
I learnt about the the blackmarket
Bodies sold on auction blocks
Money sold for more than it's value

I doh ave a colour problem

Bad luck
Keep passin' my way
By way of a black cat
So I write a letter an black mail it
Black-listed for speaking
About the dark continent
My mind like a sponge absorbin'
Yet like a mirrow reflectin'
The rain clouds have covered the rainbow
I am the black sheep in my family

I doan have a colour problem
I see everything in black

I rememba dem tell mi
Black is not a colour
Colour is not black
Nat Cole was black
Black make sense
Black make no sense
No sense being black
Not making sen..

A jus ave a black out..

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