Mutabaruka - I Am De Man

I am the man
You love to hate
Sitting in the slums of
Ghost town, trench town
Back o' wall, no clothes
To hide my nakedness
Filth and mosquitoes smelling
Bitin' 400 years of black flesh
Scarred by whips and sticks
I am the man
Locks entangled in
Your nightmares of
Medusas and gorgons
Unkept religious beliefs
That pierce the side of
Your Jesus in the sky
Your vinegar has turned to blood
Your water to mud crucifix
Chokin' on your life
Of neo-colonialistic attitudes
Yes I am de man
That came in
Clouds of ganja smoke
Choking you to death
Yet not killing you
My eyes seein' a black god
Casting doubt in your
Mind about your
Unexposed spirtual bein'
Black shadows
Castin' clear pictures
Of an existance
Drowned by
False concepts of reality
Black was beauty
Until I walked
With my barefeet
Touchin' your
Tar-ry pavements of
Sadistic heat

You would have accepted I
If I came via
Times magazine or Vogue
If only you were exposed to life
Beyond your middle class gate

I am the man
You lov to hate
Look, I am now your Next door neighbour

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