Mutabaruka - God Is A Schizophrenic

Talkin' dis, talkin' dat
Everyone tryin tojustify where there at
Me you, you me
All of us tryin to be free
Now the clock says it's time
Tic toc tic
God is a shizophrenic

Today you do dis, tomorrow you do dat
God and devil, both in you
Everything been done, comin from who
Mornin and nite, woman and man
Rich and poor tryin to be one
Wonderin what is sin, time steps in
Tic toc tic
God is a shizophrenic

Check dis out without a doubt
Today tings are bad, tomorrow you are sad
Goin' through many changes in a very short time
Poverty is still linked with crime
Now the clock moves again
Who's to answer who's to blame
Tic toc tic
God is a shizophrenic

Now all you religious people out there
I know you might not like what you hear
God in the sky com down to die
God in the sky a universal lie
You out there sayin' dis sayin' dat
Still don't know just where it's at
Rich and poor, the clock moves again
Tic toc tic
God is a shizophrenic

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