Mutabaruka - Ecology Poem

Now you mixin' up fantasy wid reality
Cuttin' down de tree
No leaves to stop de smoke
Chokin' our lives to death wi fret
An' wanda why people die
De earth breathes
An' no one feels
Can't you se we
Are usin' up our time
It's a crime
Downright insanity
Mixin' up fantasy
Not knowin' reality
Ozone depletion
No discretion
Soon mutation
Man pollution
Man destruction
Wen will we see
That fantasy is not reality
Disregardin' health
Storin' up wealth
Is a joke
We might all go up in smoke

Take a look at you and me
Check what is been done to de sea
Fishes cannot breathe on lan'
Talkin' about mutation de forest
De birds animals too
Tell me wat are they supposed to do
Wen you build your world of pollution
Is total annihilation your solution
So what are you going to do
To help us get through
This seemingly cloud of gloom
That could bring man's doom
Wake up to dis gift around
Listen to de soun'
Of de earth the trees the sky
Den tell me why must we die
Because u can't tell fantasy
From reality
Tell me why must we die usin' vanity
Trying to save humanity
With your insanity
Mixin' fantasy with reality
Tell me why.

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