Mutabaruka - Black Queen

I see her, I know her
Jah gift to man
Fair and pleasant she stands
Her features porjecting modesty
Her soul manifesting goodliness
I await her call, her lips to speak
To touch my thoughts
She speaks everlasting words
Her breath like the scent of cherries
Speak now, queen of love.

She loves Jah, she praises Jah
He made her, of nothing that can be found
On this earth, nor of
She's mesmerised by Jah
Jah perfect creation

I await her touch
Her touch awake me from my phantasm
I feel my heart accelerating
Her touch a souvenir in my heart

I see her proud
Proud of her blackness
Proud of her black man
I see her, black queen
The first queen
Queen of queens

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