Midnite - Worth Working For

In a cause worth working for
Rastafari worth working for
So whether or not you know
Spirit refinement is needed more

It just seems to I
That ancestral reverence is
still in play
You see it on the currency yeah
like every day
It just appears well established to be that way

In the front of museums and observatories
Look at the pilgrimage images and banners all ova the place
Yet the First Fathers face they refuse to face
Neither affirm neither deny
Keep hoping time will pass it on by

The most dismal of scenario
Until people decide
That denial can't feed
this generation of life

They're restless inside
And restless outside
Just don't want to keep
Paying for a forefathers crime
So now it's how to meet
the people on equality side
And some of them must
face the back lash from two sides
Things must run the course
As a manner of time
No matter who sympathize

When the feelings inside
And the pain is inside
In their days and their nights
Abba Qeddus he sees
Haile Selassie I speak to their lives

Make amends where you can everywhere every rhyme
You don't have to announce
Your deeds will speak your life
One must find like minds
Organize and centralize
Faith rolled the ball
Works just complied

And will bring abstract thought
Into structure and line
And fulfilment inside


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