Midnite - Under Management

Worldwide mismanagement
Selassie speak out for them
Anger management
Under management
Anger management and anger legitimacy

Clashing then
Rule of justice
Covered over
White washed away to
I guess I ancestors were all just
All dirty lives then
The way these people
Done away with
Search them

Anger management
Jacob with a four woman twelve son one daughter
Wife and her sister
Biblical family then
Anger management
Where the anger come from
Look like entertainment
A psychology game I see
Like how to pump them

I've seen them recently
Force them
Authoritative intention
I secret who you
Set free
Allowed to be
Anger management
Her clothes are her standards

Accept them
Unless them
Seek the earth law and keep them
But the social undercurrent is to stray them
Anger management and anger legitimacy
Clashing then, clashing then
Get up and run went
Moving from covert invented sociological problem
Anger management

The rule of justice covered over

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