Midnite - The Battle

The battle
Thinking of how to cope the battle
How to cope the battle
The everyday toggle of adjustments in the now
Fast life, figure out how to come out
Yeaheee.. The battle
Thinking of how to cope the battle
It's an honor
It's a praise
It's a thunder,
Of the Good thing of the Emperor
Selassie I Jah
Honoring straight right now from come in
And bless a whole world say it right now
Make the whole earth remember Abba Selah
Then the rest of the multi-faceted world that we prison up schedule up
Risen of conquering in yah..
Even if it turn to be who will be the recipient later
All praises be on to each and all generation what eat wha
Negus leave yah plead yah..
Lead with lo ami and me a tell you plead with la rumour
These three days later
Risen from the tomb, Jah magnify life and exemplify order
When come Selassie on David throne for?!?
Scripture to fulfil In a linear Karma
The Magi watch the sky see the signs and done know that
It's the Healer
The Ruler,
The Leader
Cope the battle
Thinking of how to cope the battle
Genus rag and mass them a quote for them voter
Wrote with a pen and blade need a rotor
Written in the Book of Life crossing over
Numb being amnesia and the weed was broken
Running into the subway in a hoody half frozen
Those said the slavery was for a soul to be ennoble
The Book of Degrees and in what sense tell them plans for
Secession from the whole thing means spoken
Daarth and the Shadows in the hidden anger building boiling
Just to prove them know how you treat them
Treat them with the fairness, clearness, realness, shareness
To each his own
What the world done know, awareness
All over the world.. people a bun Sess!
Make it burn!
The battle
Just to cope the battle
The battle
How to cope the battle
Just to for the healthiest balance life closis
Working to day when the balance is the closest
Mistakes are blessings of the mote take notice
Ethiopia the remnant, Ethiopia the oldest
Who is the wickedest and who is the oldest
Who is wrong one and still is the oldest
The ancient prophet and seers who script and foretold this
Hidden to the forgotten
Why the whole earth behold this
Is Rastaman who know
Where his role is planting seed..
In holding upful thoughts we have come too far
Think nothing but the gold rain come down bringing inspiration
Is the days and the seasons
Respect to the host of I ancestral ones. Knowww!
That keeps a battle
Just life's a battle
The battle
Thinking of how to cope the battle
Many ones to cope the battle
How to cope the battle
How to cope the battle
The battle
The battle
That keeps a battle

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