Midnite - Seek These

Design a word to call Alkebulan Middle East
It was Suez say Zeus come in 'pon the border
To how the peace water rights and
International commercial marine
Rights supposed were incidental these
Multi-ethnic unique peculiarities
Inna word sensitivities
Things which require comprehensive respect before proceed
Dont watch it as a loss or a lead
Watch it as a need
No need for arrogant gloating to instruct the nations to come in
Pop cultural world multi-utilities
Even those you call enemies still make use of these

And this is also speech
Somehow they still respecting your ingenuities
Battle facts in the admittance of these
If you see the totalities
And everyone still feel they deserve to be at ease

Seek these your humanities
Seek these for solutions
For conversation
For policy makers
Give and takers

Seek these commonalities
Good things to achieve
Seek these,
Indeed factuality's
An entire national misread
Christ He's in his kingly character
Ethiopia monarchy is still required noble character
for any national dignity and it can still be
In the context of our world national multi-dependency
with sovereignty

How ancestral stories of survival devolve into this modernity
And yes the good is for all heartbeat in Imanity
Jah let it be received
Jah let it be received
let right spirit be perceived

Seek these your humanities
seek these for solutions
for conversation
for policy makers
givers and takers
seek these,
seek these commonalities
good things to achieve
Seek these
indeed factualities

Brimming with vivacious
Youth bright and intelligent lion us
Don't let cuss from vitality divert us

H.I.M. Rastafari designated the world us
Rastaman know what direction stand for us
Ideal behaviour His Majesty hold up

Seek These
Seek These

Seek these
Indeed factuality's
to be at ease

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