Midnite - My Joy

A peculiar people
Mighty from ancient
My joy
Only tru them not go destroy Rastaman joy
Tru how them love fi keep all the people unemployed

Poverty a ball out against them boy
Inequality a lick out ya go against them boy
Fear fem fatal inna them entourage
Inna we yard
Fire there burn down
Rastaman a praise Rastafarai the world wide God
Eat ital food plant ital vegetation
Guts spill illiteral the same old song
Pure fem fatal inna them entourage

Anywhere the kill seem dementia plot
My God
My God
Carry I beyond and call I Caribbean
West African
Vigorous inna your hand

Concept as a razor burn
Worldly one
Flaw all them imperfection
Hold it down
Inequality a lick out against them guys
Worldwide God
Over intoxication
Stand you hear Rasta youth know how
His name ring out

Reconciliation inna the earth

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