Midnite - Music To Honor I King

A strong toke a corn
Hold a meditation for the what must go on
So much work ya haffe accomplish
From the day that we born
If you no have it fe meet them
It's the shame that move on
Humble yourself to situation ya 'pon longevity wall
Till the Rastaman call them out ya wid the cry and the call
Tell them the goodness of Jah
Jah is fe the one and fe the all
Till the lunch break meat
the people dem 'pon reasons and torch
Look ya siesta the breeze wha mek dem never move off
Meeting a bonafide to participate ina task
Herb deya a scorch and ones share ina laugh
Some tell themself that a something else where it went
Some ones accepted it as time well spent

Music fe honor I Jah music fe honor I King
Rastaman a sing music fe honor I Jah music fe honor I King

The Money index and friends speaking ina parables
Right now to defend

How so much a dem a bonus when the whole worldwide suffering
Dignity and indignity tug-a-warrin still
If the chabo can still reach long enough fe reach everything
The average human access to necessity
Could a balance better still
Certain aspire still to turn them down Still down to nil
But tell dem say dem deh will is not The Almighty will
Jah give life and Jah give power unto whomsoever He will
When them likkle and them innocence is bigger than big
That's when it's the vulnerability state of things
That's when every kind of influence yah a try fe set in
Music fe honor I Jah
Music fe honor I King

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