Midnite - Kindread

Them are me kindred
Driving up on the
Free them truly
Them are me kindred

Anytime Babylon want fi see something
The scientific body is on top of that
More vigorous resonance
Them are me kindred
Hear ya
New methodology
The new ghetto the chat room
You don
T fit in here so

But remember I fi tell you say
Hole heap of critic
Hear a small story me a tell you
A short story about a farmer
Babylon flavour
Just them few
Dem are me kindred
Full fledged
Babylon come fi kill dread

Come fi kill dread
Stand firm to protect them
Jah watch over them
Supplies fi man fi eat
Whole people sleep
You don't know
Me not go leave them
Brooklyn them a me kindred

Full fledged
Them ya me kindred
Family making
My dread

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